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MECI West Bank News Update!

April 13, 2018

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MECI 2015 Graduates - First University Semester

February 3, 2016

Last July, 41 bright young women graduated from the Qasem Al Rimawi Secondary Girls School and MECI’s supplemental educational program in the West Bank with remarkable success. As a result, MECI launched a Girls' University Scholarship Fund to help 10 of the new graduates pursue their dream of attending University.


Cick here to help fund a Girl's Scholarship


After completing their first semester, they want to share with you their experiences in this new life full of possibilities:



Rahaf's acceptance to university was the happiest day in her life, as she describes it. "I have faced a few bumps in the road at the beginning, dealing with this new community I am in. But I got over these bumps quickly. My way of thinking has changed. I feel more aware and mature. At one point, I considered dropping out to get a job to repay my parents, but soon after classes started I heard what I considered the most amazing news of my life: “Congratulations you have been selected to receive a scholarship by the Middle East Children’s Institute.” At that moment I felt a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. This scholarship gave me back my right to education."




Al Anood, who completed her national exam with an average grade of 97% is now studying at Birzeit University and majoring in accounting. She describes her life at the University: "I feel like one of my dreams has come true. These dreams require effort to reach. I am facing great challenges in my major in school but I will not give up and will get a positive result. Thanks to [MECI scholarship] I am now in the university I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl."





Hassna, graduated with a 95% average grade from high school, and was accepted into Birzeit University. She is majoring in Law, which has been her dream since childhood. "My life began to change as soon as I got into university. When I reach the front gates of the university, I instantly feel like a successful and committed human being. I meet up with my colleagues and professors, which make me very happy. MECI’s after-school program built and enhanced our minds and way of thinking in so many aspects since we were children. It has affected me very positively in university, especially socially, culturally and intellectually. My aim of studying Law is to be at the service of the needy and be one of the persevering and leading women in the community."



Faten finished high school with a 97.2 average grade. She used to dream of going to Birzeit University, and she never imagined she would get in. She is now studying English literature and has already passed 11 credit hours in her first semester. "I am very happy that I am studying in this University, it’s much more beautiful than I have imagined. These days that I am spending in the University will be the best days in my life. I wish to stay in this University and to finish my studies."




Kafa studies business administration at Birzeit University. "I’ve always dreamed about studying here. That’s because it’s one of the most important universities in the country. I love my faculty. I would love to thank you for giving me this scholarship because you are helping me to finish my studies and to prove myself in my community."




Mirvat is studying physics at Birzeit University in Ramallah and has also completed 40-hours of voluntary work at the university library. "My classes are difficult as I’m a physics major but I love them because now I’m understanding a lot of phenomena in life. This semester I am taking a physics lab to perform new physics experiments. The point of these experiments is to figure out how to prove laws and physic theories. I would like to say that am very happy in the university and I don’t want to leave."




Nadera goes to Al-Quds Open University majoring in health management. "I used to dream of making it through to undergrad and now this dream has come true, thanks to MECI. When I first enrolled, I was afraid I would find it difficult to cope with the school system but I have discovered that it is not hard, on the contrary. I have learned various things and subjects and met girls from different countries who have become my friends." 




Saja finished her high school with an average of 95 and is now studying Law at Birzeit University. "In the beginning, I was worried about the University but now it has become something normal to me. I finished 12 credits in my first semester, and in my second semester I’ll be finishing another 18 credits. When I think that I’m going to be a lawyer when I finish my studies, I feel that I’m someone important in the community. I always get the support I need from my family, relatives and my friends. Everyone is proud of my university, my major and me. I would like to thank everyone who is making an effort to support me financially and psychologically so that I can finish my studies. Our teachers from MECI have had a huge influence over our lives. In MECI’s program, we used to eat, play and study. We learned so many beautiful things."




Hanadi studies at Al Quds University, majoring in accounting. "I was a little anxious and afraid that I would not be able to finish my education because of our financial status and the high educational costs. When [MECI] staff informed me that I was selected to receive a scholarship, I was very relieved and my life became increasingly better."



Sojoud, is studying accounting at Birzeit University. ​​"My dream has come true that I am studying at a university with such a good reputation like Birzeit. Many of the classes have sharpened my character. Since I started at Birzeit, I feel more confident in myself. This was my first semester at the university but it was also a new chapter in my life: new studying methods, friends, life. I managed to adapt to this major change in my life. Subjects are completely different from high school, instructors’ methods to deliver the information too, but with hard work and with the help of my new friends, things became easier and more fun. University is a dream for every student, but sometimes we face some financial problems that prevent us from following our dreams. I would like to thank everyone who made me focus on my studies and not on the financial problems."




With your help MECI can continue to support the education of these bright young women: Click here to help fund a Girl's Scholarship.




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