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MECI West Bank News Update!

April 13, 2018

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First year at University - MECI 2015 Scholarship recipients

August 16, 2016

In 2015, the impact of MECI’s approach became evident when the first group of girls who have participated in MECI’s after-school programs since first grade and through primary and secondary school, graduated from high school with a deep passion to pursue university.


MECI established a Girls University Scholarship Program to support its most promising and most financially vulnerable students in their efforts to pursue their education and achieve their dreams.


These 10 young women have now completed their first year at BirZeit and Al Quds universities,

and have giveng back to their community by returning to their village to mentor younger students participating in MECI’s Summer Camp program.






"At the Birzeit University, my educational and career life started. This whole year at the university turned me into another person and influenced me quite a lot in many positive ways. This boosted my self-confidence and self-reliance to a great extent. My thoughts have changed and I felt the importance of helping others. I decided to join MECI summer camp to do some volunteering work, participate in visits to the elderly care houses and orphanages. I want to be an active member in the community who is willing to do good deeds and help others be happy as well." - Sojoud, studying Business and Economics at ‪#Birzeit University‬.





"Birzeit University is my university, my school and my second home. It fills me with hope and pleasure when I go to it every day, attend lectures and chat with my fellow students. It's the most beautiful thing in my life. I never forget MECI, my supporter, sponsor, and second guardian. It provides me with everything I need. The university has had many effects on my character which made me proud to be a student at this university. University education is the best thing of all." - Saja, studying Law at‪ ‎Birzeit University‬.




"I have an ambition to accomplish. Education can turn us into intellectuals who can comprehend the meaning of science and education, capable of bringing up a new refined generation, free of constrains of customs and traditions. I now have a great confidence in myself, and I enjoy participating in volunteering work. I thank you for enhancing my characters and opening a new society which we always envisioned in this life. Thank you, you who put smiles on our faces." - Rahaf, studying English at ‪‎Birzeit University‬.





"I would have never been able to study and achieve my dream without the support of MECI. I would like to be a healthcare consultant in a local organization [...], I want to play a role in helping youth and children and provide assistance and first aid as and when necessary. I'll also endeavor to fulfill the MECI’s charitable mission and help everyone as MECI does. You taught me a lot about benevolent work." - Nadera, studying Health Policy and Management at ‪‎Al Quds University‬.





"I wake up every single day to challenge the world and the community to obtain my education. I do not view checkpoints as obstacles but as tools to motivate me to acquire an education to help free my people and build our community. I am learning from people every day, I am obtaining new skills and working on talents I have never thought I had. MECI did not only financially support us as women, but inspired us to be hopeful for a brighter future for this nation and the role of education to women." - Mirvat, studying Physics at ‪‎Birzeit University‬.




"I just cannot find the proper words to express my happiness with MECI. The Bachelor degree is not my ultimate goal – I intend to go on to obtain postgraduate degrees (MA & PhD). I would like to be an effective individual in my own country as well as everywhere in this world. Our country needs educated young people who can maintain bridges with the world and achieve coexistence, understanding, love and peace, which can only be realized through science." - Kafa, studying Business at ‪‎Birzeit University‬.





"I strongly believe in the power of education that is why I use what MECI has taught us over the course of time to teach little kids, on my days off, their main school subjects that they need help with. MECI taught me to not only work to attain opportunities but to become an aiding tool to the people around us in our community. I view those little kids as a hope and a stronger generation who should look onto education as a weapon and not a burden. Nothing is impossible with MECI and for that lesson I am forever grateful." - Hassna, studying Law at Birzeit University.





"The scholarship I have received from MECI was not only a new chapter built in my life, but also in my family’s. Seeing them happy and proud of me for going to school every day and learning new skills and information makes me happy. It is one thing to be able to pay for school and another thing to be blessed with a project like MECI that does not only financially support us, simple Palestinian students, but also motivates us to start thinking of a better future for our community as a whole.I am not only a student who received a scholarship, I am a tool to be used to build a brighter future." - Hanadi, studying Accounting at‪ ‎Al Quds University‬.‬



"I've been blessed with the summer activities that MECI has provided us with. MECI motivated me to pursue what I want in school. After all I was able to attend the university I have always wanted to join and because of that, I have made it possible for my other sister to attend a university. 
I am forever thankful and blessed for the opportunities I have gained in my life. I know for a fact I would never have learned to become an independent woman without MECI and its dedication to helping a simple community like ours." - Faten, studying English at ‪Birzeit‬ University.



"I never thought I would grow on so many levels, not only education but also to become the motivated inspired woman I am today. I saw myself from the very first day with MECI and I am comparing it to who I am today, I am more driven to be a better student and human being to the world. My story as a Palestinian Woman who received a scholarship is not a simple one, it is a sacred sign to the hope in humanity and how we can always be of help to other. MECI was a blessing to me, to go to school. How can I be someone else’s aiding tool when I finish my degree? " - Al-Anood, studying General Administration at ‪‎Birzeit University.











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