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MECI West Bank News Update!

April 13, 2018

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20 new MECI schools open in Jordan!

November 21, 2016

MECI Jordan has expanded its Remedial Education Programs in partnership with UNICEF to 20 schools all over Central and Northern Jordan.
MECI students are excited to be back to school!





Program classes have begun for 3,000 Syrian refugee and disadvantaged children in Jordan.
Following extensive outreach operations to register students into the program, MECI administered placement and diagnostic exams to properly place students in their right level and increase their opportunity to build
solid learning outcomes. All enrolled students received a filled school bag including 3 curriculum books, 3 notebooks, and quality stationary, which were all packed by our teams in Amman.
To accommodate a great number of students into programs of quality, MECI supplied all 20 schools with arts and sports supplies.
MECI is now providing these students with Academic classes in Arabic, math and English, along with Psychosocial Support in the form of activities in Arts, Physical Education and Life Skills thanks to teams of dedicated teachers and school staff.




During September and October, MECI implemented comprehensive and participatory 5-days trainings for its teams in all 20 schools. All staff members were invited to attend this training, which gathered schools’ principals, teachers in academic and psychosocial support subjects, outreach counselors, and social workers. As the first opportunity for schools’ staff to meet, trainings are very important in sowing the seeds for positive teamwork.

Although technical parts concerned mostly MECI’s teams of teachers (Arabic, math, English, Arts & Life Skills, Physical Education), principals, counselors and social workers were all requested to attend education sessions in order to serve as supporters of the educational process during the program. This was an opportunity to remind participants that the first and foremost objective of MECI’s mission is to help students, regardless of their background, become better learners, and overcome low achievement patterns. MECI also conducted training sessions introducing both psychosocial support and child-protection fields during which participants could enact the process of protection, and define their roles in making the environment suitable to the children as opposed to overlooking or altering a child’s well being to fit his/her environment.

With the purpose of evaluating MECI’s training quality and impact on the trainees, comprehensive surveys were designed, effectively reflecting participants’ comprehension and skills acquisition upon completion of the training.


- 100% of participants reported positively on their knowledge of MECI’s program and their ability to implement. They felt confident about their position, role and responsibilities.


- 99% felt the training increased and developed their instructional knowledge and skills.


- 99% feel like they were provided with ways to deal with children in need of protection.


- 100% felt the 5-days training was useful to their work.


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